Haunted Asylum – Horror Game



This paranormal asylum is going to make all your fears come true as this abandoned asylum has one of the most dramatic and fearful asylum setups you can ever imagine. This arkham asylum has the most dreaded fearful environments and gameplay that you only survive this haunted asylum with your basic instincts. You may have played haunted asylum game before but this “asylum” is not to be taken easy. This horrendous “asylum” is going to give you chills when you play this horror game multiplayer with other opponents and only one of you can hospital escape from this mental hospital. Play online survival horror game asylum hospital escape. This horror game online can be played as single or as a multiplayer. Don’t abandon your friend’s midway in this horror game multiplayer online and defeat the horrendous creatures in this little shop of horrors. In this “asylums” game you will find yourself in an abandoned paranormal asylum and have to find different clues and keys to get out of this horrendous arkham asylum. Play Haunted Asylum – Horror Game and survive the night.

There are two modes in this horror game multiplayer online which are survivors and seekers. The survivors have to find the clues and keys to set their self-free from this abandoned asylum and don’t get caught from the seekers who are hunting in these asylums. This horror game online has little shop of horrors as it has everything from a mental hospital to a scary asylum. Find yourself emersed in these multiplayer horror games where the mimic is the one who is against blood of every survivor in these scary multiplayer games.
Features & gameplay:
There are three enemies in this game the butcher, the dealer and the always blood hungry granny who is going to the mimic strategy to kill you. They all know your every move in these scary multiplayer games as you will be going through this scary asylum you will find many obstacles like these killers you have to beat them by finding keys of the doors and escape this mental hospital. You don’t have five nights or seven nights to survive.

Full horror hide and seek game.
Play in single mode or as a scary multiplayer
Play with friends in this multiplayer horror games
4 survivors one killer or three killers at the same time.

Haunted asylum game with psychos and killers you have to survive against all these killers. Be prepared the killers can be anywhere. Survive at all cost otherwise the consequences can be painful.